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Antisamos Beach Cephalonia

Antisamos Beach is a pebbly beach on Cephalonia globally renowned primarily due to the famous Hollywood movie filmed right on its shores. Can you guess which movie it is? If you were captivated by the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin, know that several scenes of this cult classic were actually shot on this beach. Naturally, there are those whom this very film inspired to visit the beautiful Cephalonia.


Koviou Beach Sithonia

Probably, you won't stumble upon Koviou Beach by chance. If you're the type who loves spontaneously discovering beautiful beaches, you'd have a hard time finding this one. Even if you prefer following road signs, you won't have much luck here. Truth be told, although there is a sign for the beach, it won't quite clarify where to go or where to park, let alone where the beach actually is.


Platamon Castle

Platamon Castle, located in the foot of mighty mountain Olympus, is built by the Crusaders during the 13th century. The fortress was erected between 1204 and 1222 and once defended the strategically important pass to the Tempe Valley, where Greek poets placed Apollo and his Muses.

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